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Definitive solutions from 100% synthetic waste

Everyone talks about environmental protection ‐ we practice it and reduce the CO2 emissions

Products: Other products made of Relumat2000

Raised bed

Dimension (L x W x H)
Picture of our raised beds 100 x 200 x 75 cm

The raised bed is available with or without under-shelf

Like all our products from Relumat2000™ recycled plastic, our ready-made raised beds are characterized by durability and resistance to moisture and weathering.

Ready-made footpath elements

Dimension & versions
Picture of our ready-made footpath elements Version 1 (L x W): 3000 x 1500 mm (Weight: ca. 360 kg)

Version 2 (L x W): 3000 x 2200 mm (Weight: ca. 480 kg)

The pre-assembled footpath elements made from recycled plastic consist of square profiles, four-cornered profiles and bridge planks, for easy and efficient installation. Creating footpaths has never been easier.




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Relumat2000™: the highly resilient construction material of the future, made 100% from recycled plastic