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Definitive solutions from 100% synthetic waste

Everyone talks about environmental protection ‐ we practice it and reduce the CO2 emissions

Products: Railway ties made of Relumat2000™ - The perfect solution in railway construction for railway, tram and subway.

Using of products made of Relumat2000™ in railway construction

Since over 10 years, railway ties made of Relumat2000™ are produced and used at tram lines and narrow-gauge railways.

The Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (Dresden Transports) have taken a leading role and use our recycling plastic railway ties since 2003.

Advantages of Relumat2000™ in railway construction

  • consists of 100% recycled plastic
  • environmentally friendly
  • 100% dimensional stability, no deformation
  • lighter than concrete railway ties
  • easy mechanical processing
  • available in all required dimensions
  • no impregnation with carbolineum or other waterproofing compounds is required, thus no outgassing in the summer or during processing, thus significantly more eco-friendly
  • higher weatherability
  • no damage by pests (fungus, insects) possible
  • no cracking by desiccation
  • after processing there are no unimpregnated, weatheringprone areas
  • no water absorption
  • electrical and insulation performance is excellent
  • soundproofing
  • steering stability, better linkage with the track bed
  • 100% recyclable again
  • flame retardant
Test track tram line Dresden-Prohlis

Test track tram line Dresden-Prohlis

Profiles for railway ties

Cross-section Dimensions W x H max. length
Picture of our profile for railway ties Cross-section of our profile for railway ties 240 x 160 mm
240 x 180 mm
260 x 160 mm
260 x 180 mm
6000 mm


Important experiences:

  • the threshold screw holes must be drilled accurately
  • the area around the screw head must also be drilled
  • the round threaded railway tie screw SS35 must be used
  • when filling and lifting, it must be ensured that the railway ties are not bend due to the elasticity (perhaps by using additional winches)
  • maximum axle load of 16 t
  • maximum speed of 80 km/h


Side view of the railway ties

Side view of the railway ties

Installation of railway ties

Installation of railway ties

Cross-section of railway ties / Plating & SS35 screws

Cross-section of railway ties / Plating & SS35 screws




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Relumat2000™: the highly resilient construction material of the future, made 100% from recycled plastic