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Definitive solutions from 100% synthetic waste

Everyone talks about environmental protection ‐ we practice it and reduce the CO2 emissions

Reluma International GmbH ‐ Definitive solutions from 100% synthetic waste

Conventional disposal of plastic waste

Burning or simply storing were the traditional ways of disposing plastic waste for decades. With the worldwide increase of ecological awareness, new sustainable solutions were demanded.

This led to the development of a highly innovative product, which is manufactured 100% with recycled material: Relumat2000™.

About Reluma International GmbH and Relumat2000

Relumat2000™ was developed by Reluma International GmbH, a medium-sized company based in Saxony/Germany, which is very successful in producing recycling plastics for the construction industry.

Leading German universities have evaluated the material properties of Relumat2000™ multiple times and the results reveal its outstanding qualities in terms of durability, resistance to chemicals, acids and bases, as well as form stability and elasticity - especially in comparison with wood and concrete.

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Environmental protection through plastic recycling

Relumat2000™ is an eco-friendly material as its production actually reduces the plastic waste while simultaneously preserving natural resources.

Our products manufactured with Relumat2000

Our product range includes not only profiles such as bridge planks, boards, tongue and groove boards, round materials, square, rectangular and angular profiles, but also railway ties.

We also offer a wide range of ready-made products such as raised beds, tables & benches and preassembled beach path elements.

In addition to our existing products, Reluma International GmbH is always seeking for new applications and innovative products made of recycled plastic.




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Relumat2000™: the highly resilient construction material of the future, made 100% from recycled plastic

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